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Collaborative Textile Art project of Eve Hamari and Josefin Wilkens.

''We approach clothes as an obsession, lust and emotional items. We aim to rearrange the state of abandoned material into a topic and representation of our relationship towards clothes. We also wanted to question the role of garments as beautifying, practical or cultural objects for the body. This project, study or a play was guided by environmental friendly choices and the idea of using material in a new kind of sustainable way. All the sculptures can be washed away and restored again to wearable garments''


Project started by our discussions about the fixation and addiction to garments, the inability to consume in sustainable way.

Feel free to taste these delicious fabric candies.

Materials: Corn syrup, glucose syrup, white sugar, vanilla extract, water, secondhand fabrics and pieces of textile trash: cotton, polyester, leather.

sugartest water dipping 3.jpg
sugartest water dipping 2.jpg
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